Oligo Melting Profile
(Oligo Melting Temperature Statistic)
[Oligo] (mM)     
[Template] (mM)     
[Na+] (mM)     
[Mg2+] (mM)     
% V/V
Oligo Length
GC contents
min. %
max. %

Stretch (max permited basis)
S(G or C) and W(A or T) stretch (max S or W permited)
n. value of oligo melting temperature to analyze
(max 1000000)

Note: This program generates random nucleotide sequences of the set length 'Oligo Length' and, if the sequences fall within the set parameters (contained in GC, max basis stretch, max S or W stretch), it determines the melting temperatures.
The process continues until the determination of 'n. melting temperature to analyze (or until the maximum combinations of permitted sequences are reached (1,000,000)).
Finally, the amount of oligo associated with each of the calculated melting temperatures will be shown.
It is sufficient to set a few thousand oligo to analyze, to obtain a 'good' statistics of the melting temperatures. However, the more analyzed the oligo will be, the better the estimate will be, the greater the processing time will be.
This program is useful for determining the best parameters to be set in programs that select many oligo (as for example in microarray).