Sequence Utility
by Ivano Zara Riccardo Schiavon

Symbol Meaning Origin of designation
  G   G Guanine
  A A   Adenine
  T T   Thymine
  C C   Cytosine
  R G or A puRine
  Y T or C pYrimidine
  M A or C aMino
  K G or T Keto
  S G or C Strong interaction (3 H bonds)
  W A or T Weak interaction (2 H bonds)
  H A or C or T not-G H follows G in the alphabet
  B G or T or C not-A B follows A in the alphabet
  V G or C or A not-T (not-U) V follows U in the alphabet
  D G or A or T not-C D follows C in the alphabet
  N G or A or T or C aNy