Sequence Utility
by Ivano Zara Riccardo Schiavon
Join several sequence in output IUPAC format
This program helful for the representative sequenze of two (or more) different alleles.

Given multiple nucleotide sequences, it returns their union in IUPAC format
Two or more input sequences (max 100) must be written in FASTA format and may contain any alphanumeric character, but only compatible IUPAC characters will be considered, others will be deleted.
You can enter sequences of different lengths, but only the number of characters corresponding to the length of the shorter sequence will be joined, starting from the left
The complementary sequence and the complementary inverse of the combined sequence will also be returned
This program allows, for example, to combine the sequences of two different alleles in a single sequence.
The polymorphisms will be highlighted by non-canonical bases

Input one or more sequence in FASTA format (Not IUPAC character will be discard)

Output is the join of all sequence express in IUPAC format.
If sequence length are different, than only the left character of shortest sequence will be join

Symbol Meaning Origin of designation
  G   G Guanine
  A A   Adenine
  T T   Thymine
  C C   Cytosine
  R G or A puRine
  Y T or C pYrimidine
  M A or C aMino
  K G or T Keto
  S G or C Strong interaction (3 H bonds)
  W A or T Weak interaction (2 H bonds)
  H A or C or T not-G H follows G in the alphabet
  B G or T or C not-A B follows A in the alphabet
  V G or C or A not-T (not-U) V follows U in the alphabet
  D G or A or T not-C D follows C in the alphabet
  N G or A or T or C aNy